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The scree slope / crumbly cliff bands above the amphitheater just below the upper mountain.Eric makes his way down the theater steps above me.The theater is steeper in some sections than others. With a big pack it was a PITA working our way through all the cliff bands on the way down.Some sections are very loose too.The amphitheater is big!Looking down the hidden access gully.Down climbing the steep access gully.We start the long trudge down SE Amery Creek - looking back where we came from.Fall colors and a nice stream start off our descent.The lovely SE Amery Creek.The lovely SE Amery Creek.Beautiful fall colors.A calm, beautiful lake to camp nearby on exit.Amery on the upper left as we arrive back at the river flats. Saskatchewan in the far distance left of center and Coleman on the right.Eric crosses the last of the river flats with Amery rising on the right.