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Gorgeous carpets of moss near Spencer Creek.Gorgeous carpets of moss near Spencer Creek.Twinflowers are one of my favorite small flora.These are called White Camas.A waterfall coming into Spencer Creek.The trail stays out of the creek on climber's left.Silky LupineA lovely summer morning.It's hard not to simply lollygag around these meadows all day rather than bother with the hot and sweaty business of peak bagging!Looking over carpets of wild flowers down Spencer Creek and our approach route.Creeping BeardtongueKev comes up the rocky drainage of Spencer Creek.Spencer Creek has carved an interesting niche in the upper hanging valley.I could live in this valley forever! Wind Mountain directly ahead here.We are tiny compared to the huge wall of rock coming off Mount Sparrowhawk.Alpine Forget-me-notCanada AnemoneLooking up the scree slope we must ascend before crossing over to climber's right.Looking down the scree cone - note the green meadows far below! Sparrowhawk looming to the south.Wietse searches for the trail that eventually goes climber's right to gain the upper ridge.