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This is an easy two peak day. Except we also combined it with a backpacking trip from Aster Lake over Northover Ridge to Three Isle Lake! That made it a bit harder... :-)
Jon finds a rock crevasse on the lower slope of Worthington.Rod comes up the ridge to McHarg's summit with part of the Northover Ridge and Mount Northover's summit in the bgFrom left to right, Princess Mary, Prince George, King George, Prince Albert, Prince HenrySummit view towards Worthington (our next peak) with Northover Ridge and the Joffre area peaks in the far distance.Looking back at Rod descending under the summit of McHarg on his way to Worthington.Jon takes the final few steps to the summit of Worthington with Three Isle Lake far below and Mount Putnik right of center.Mount King George.Rod ascends along the summit ridge of Worthington with McHarg at far right and the Royal Group in the distance.Summit shot on Worthington.Summit shot on Worthington.Three Isle Lakes from Worthington. Putnik at left.One more shot looking over McHarg (R) towards the always impressive Royal Group.Vern enjoying the easy summit of Mount Worthington.Shadows in the smoke.Rod and Jon descend Worthington's south end.Our heavy backpacks are back on! Heading down to the main trail to Three Isle Lake.At least it's not too bushy.The east face of Mount Worthington - we ascending easy slopes oos to the left but there are moderate scrambling routes right up this face