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Hiking the Mist Creek Trail.Hiking around the Mist Hills.Hiking around the Mist Hills.Hiking up towards the south end of Mist Ridge.First views of Gibraltar (L) and "Half Dome" (R).Views back from the south end of Mist Ridge to Mist Hills.Views back from the south end of Mist Ridge to Mist Hills.Wietse at the low col with Storm Mountain.Views back to Mist Hills from the col.Views along Mist Ridge looking north. Gibraltar to the right, Mist to the left.Hiking along Mist Ridge. Gibraltar at center.Nice views back to the height loss section.Hiking Mist Ridge.Hiking Mist Ridge.Looking back along the ridge. Mist Mountain at right.Hiking Mist Ridge.Nearing the summit of Mist Ridge. Gibraltar at right.Nearing the summit of Mist Ridge.Summit views include Storm, Rae, Tombstone, Burns and Gibraltar (R).Views over Eagle Ridge.