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A gorgeous morning looking down Hector Lake to BowCrow at distant center.Crossing Hector Lake - note the ice fog.Our last views of BowCrow (R) for many hours.Lake Margaret is tucked in that bowl, Pulpit Peak OOS at left.The endless crossing of Hector Lake. Mike with Hector Mountain rising in the distance.Looking back at Pulpit Peak rising above Hector Lake.Impressive rock walls around the back of Hector Lake including Pulpit Peak at center left.Finally approaching the Balfour Creek flats at the west end of Hector Lake.Skiing up Balfour Creek, looking back.WOW! Impressive views of the east aspect of Balfour and the Wapta Icefield plunging to the valley.The back of Hector Lake / Balfour Creek is a special place.I skied here in 2010 when we exited the Waputik Glacier this way (from the left).Looking back at Mike as we start up the steep access drainage.Looking up the drainage. Much steeper than it appears and the snow is soft...Find Mike - this is a better idea of the angle of the lower slope.The cliffs appear ahead.A "luge track" avalanche run-out path leading to the cliffs above.This huge tree has somehow survived many slides while the one next to it obviously hasn't!Mike follows my tracks up a wider avalanche path. Hector Lake in the bg.I'm bypassing the cliffs, looking back across Balfour Creek to the Waputik Glacier (R).