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Early morning crossing the Amery Glacier, looking back east.Pre-dawn on the Monchy Icefield.We angled up easy slopes to the col just left of center and then dumped our gear and scrambled to the summit on the right.Looking back over our approach tracks.Eric at the col - Amery rising behind him.Looking east from the col.Just before sunrise - a view off the summit ridge towards the Columbia Icefields.Eric comes up the ridge behind me.Mount Bryce is kissed by the sun.Mount Saskatchewan at sunrise.Mount Bryce.Mount Columbia and the Twins catch first light.Mount Columbia, North Twin and Saskatchewan.(L to R), Lyell V, Lyell I, Lyell III, Alexandra, Bryce, Columbia, South Twin, North Twin and Athabasca.Looking back over our bivy site as the sun rises over Mount Cline.The Lyells (L), Willerval and Alexandra catch the morning rays.Looking over the Monchy Icefield to Forbes and the Lyells.Eric goes for the summit of Amery.Vern on the summit of Mount Amery.The Lyells with more light.