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The creek is pretty open at the bottom and we were a bit tempted just to go straight up it, but there is debris part way along and the bank is easy so we stuck with it.When you see this, it's time to descend into the creek (right) and then take the right hand branch that runs right of the crumbly cliffs straight ahead here and up through a natural gate feature withIn the right hand branch, going up through the "gate".On ascent we were scared of the creekbed, so we ascended steep banks on our left and abandoned it, following So and Jamie's tracks.One of the neat staircase drainages we ascended.Starting up another slabby little streambed.Lougheed I looms over us as we ascend to tree line in a very handy, slabby streambed.Great views back over our approach route down to the lovely Spray Lakes. Little Lougheed at left here.Cornelius starts the right hand traverse to get around the cliffs which are out of sight at left here. This is looking at Lougheed II.Around the corner now and looking up at the upper mountain of Lougheed I.Pretty sublime morning views over Little Lougheed towards the south end of Spray Lakes.We are aiming for the broken terrain at upper left.Looking northwest over Spray Lakes towards Goat View.