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The skis are left behind and the hundreds of vertical meters of boot packing begin.The ridge wasn't as wind blown as we were hoping. Due to the foreshortening, many of the 'small' snow patches were really snow fieldsThis photo exaggerates the terrain a bit, but it was "one-at-a-time" across these gullies.Steven breaks trail across a slope that reminded both of us of Ayesha's key summit block access avy slope.Ben ascends the snow slope to Aberdeen's summit block. Haddo at center left.Steven comes up the crux on Aberdeen's summit block. It was bloody steep but short and not very exposed on the climbing side.Steven is having fun!Descending the summit ridge. Good thing we came up this way or we wouldn't have bothered with Haddo, I'm sure.The crux looks worse than it was. It was super exposed on the south side, but a fall down the short side would probably not kill you.Steven descends the crux.Down climbing the steepish snow / glacier slope back to our packs before traversing to Haddo.Steven kicks steps down from Aberdeen's summit block - the crux crack just above him on the left.The team follows me up with Tilly Point and Peyto Peak in the background.I have a built-in level in my camera, so this is the exact angle of the upper Northeast face.Robin on the ridge.Kevin comes off the face and onto the ridge.Ben leads up the steep ridge - Mount Olive and Vulture glacier far beneath us now to the right.