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On hindsight we likely could have driven through it but didn't know what lay ahead so the smart decision was to park and start biking.A gorgeous sunrise along Waiparous Creek.A gorgeous sunrise along Waiparous Creek.Sunrise on Black Rock, Costigan and Devil's Head (L to R) from along the washed out creek.Like I said - pure, slick ice! This was extremely treacherous biking.A rare stretch of dirt on the approach. The warm sun certainly made for a nicer trip too.Migrating Cedar Waxwings.Looking up Waiparous Creek towards Sunrise Wall. We will approach the wall and then go right before heading far up valley, out of sight.We briefly took sections of the old OHV trail on approach. Each time sucked thanks to a punchy snow pack so on return we stuck to the creekbed.One of the two "Sheep Meadow Mountain" peaks that Daffern talks about in her descriptions of the area.Sunrise Wall at left and The Prow at right. Once again, we took the obvious cutline trail on approach but on return we stuck to the creekbed at left.