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Arriving at the bridge over the North Saskatchewan River.The bridge over the North Saskatchewan River.Murchison and the North Saskatchewan River.Murchison and the North Saskatchewan River.At the lookout before dropping back down to the Howse River. From left to right, Sarbach, Outram and Survey Peak.At first the forest was not very thick and we could follow a faint trail.On the 'shoes.The treed slopes start opening up as we gain height. This is looking back at Wilson.A grey, blustery day about tree line, but the slope ahead leads all the way to the summit so we're getting close.Note the snow whipping off the slope in front of me - and this was a calm period! Outram in the distance.Struggling in the elements.Struggling in the elements.Views off the final ascent slope include (L to R) Murchison, Sarbach, Glacier Lake and Outram.Sarbach has great memories for me - I loved that peak. You can see the crux by-pass route on climber's right of the notches on the northeast lower ridge.Outram Peak is a mountain I'd be interested in ascending one day.Erasmus (c) and Wilson (r).