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A gorgeous morning on the trail ascending the south banks of Grizzly Creek.The trail sticks well above the creek, even offering some exposed little traverses that some hikers won't appreciate.Looking back as Wietse starts across one of several avalanche gullies. Mount Lawson in the background over hwy 40.Just one example of the interesting avalanche gully crossings along the trail. Typically they are marked with cairns.Forget-me-nots.Approaching the head of the Grizzly Creek valley with Mount Potts at center and Evan Thomas rising at right. We'll go a bit further here before turning uphill to the left.Gorgeous scenery from the Potts / Opal Ridge col looking towards Evan Thomas (L) and Grizzly Peak (C).Telephoto towards the north end of Opal Ridge.Crossing a small patch of snow with Denny now visible rising to upper right. Opal Ridge at left.Mount Denny from just before the meadows to its base. The route is obvious from here starting at center and rising between the twin summits above.In case you couldn't spot him on the last photo - here's Alex P on the lower route.Approaching the twisted rock at the bottom of the SW face. We'll ascend the only obvious line right of the overhang at center.Engaging the slab with the infamous Orangutan face looking on from across the valley.Looking up - looks like fun!Parts of the SW face are very quick to ascend on nice, moderately angled slabs.Continuing up the face.Alex chose a line on the left side of the drainage and ended up crossing some of the snow patches visible high above us here.Looking back towards Opal Ridge.Ascending slabs.Nearing the scree bowl under the summit ridge now. Grizzly Peak (L) looks tiny.