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A beautiful day for a hike! These rocks and boulders would get old after a while though.Incredibly colored rocks in this view looking back along the ridge - Ernest Ross is the brown bump at right.Landslide Peak looks snowy.Looking ahead to Landslide Peak - note the intervening colorful hill.Looking back at Bridge Peak from an intervening bump on the ridge.Still a long way to go from the top of yet another bump on the ridge.The weather was perfect for a long traverse with some clouds and a cool wind, but not too strong most of the day.Two O'Clock Peak (L) and Landslide (R), looking pretty darn snowy.The terrain is bigger than it appears from a distance.Grunting up a loose, muddy section.Finally approaching the main massif of Landslide Peak about 3 hours after leaving Bridge Peak's north summit.It doesn't look like a 3 hour hike to Bridge Peak (L) from here - but it is.Looking along the snowy NE face of Landslide Peak.Looking back down the ridge (L) to Bridge Peak and Ernest Ross.