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Interesting lighting from blowing snow and the setting sun high on Andromeda.It's pretty dark at 04:00 in the parking lot!Still dark as we start switchbacking up the first icefall.A beautiful sunrise over Nigel Peak as we look back from the first bench in the headwall.This snow ramp made it very quick and easy to gain the first bench in the icefall.LOTS of blue ice to our left as we work our way through the serac fall zone. This zone was also much more filled in than usual.Approaching the bottom of the ramp - obvious as an unbroken line of snow ahead and up the last icefall.Anton leads up the ramp - you don't want to stray too far off this very handy feature.The camp at the top of the ramp is just stirring awake as we pass by.The grunt over the north shoulder of Androlumbia was interminable. Thankfully it did end at some point.Skinning towards the Andromeda / Androlumbia col under a pretty thick cover of clouds still.The south ridge rises steeply above us with a nice set of tracks beaten into it - barely visible here.Gen takes over kicking steps - the descent tracks from the previous party didn't work that well for ascent but did help with trail breaking.Anton kicks steps up behind me as Androlumbia starts peaking out of the cloud cover behind him.Following the previous group's tracks to the false summit from the top of the south ridge.Always steeper and further than it appears. The snow was hard enough here that it was easier to walk beside the highway of tracks to our right.Gorgeous and untracked views to the true summit from the second false one, including views of Mount Athabasca at right.This is a distant view of Mount Cline, another 11,000er in David Thompson Country (R)Anton and Gen follow my tracks down from the false summit.Looking up towards the true summit.