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Scramble Tombstone Mountain South. An awesome view from this summit inthe Highwood Pass area of Kananaskis Country in the Rocky Mountains ofAlberta, Canada. For more information go to http:/​/​www.​fresh-​oxygen.​com/​vern/​scrambles/​tombstone/​tombstone.​html.
Beautiful Elbow Lake is still in the morning calm.Kevin confidently marches towards Tombstone South (R). We should have stayed on the trail a bit longer.Views towards Mount Schlee.Views back along our approach.Views back down the Elbow River. Rae outlier at left.On the south ridge.Views down to the Elbow River off the south ridge.The scrambling finally gets interesting as we gain the ridge proper.There is still lots of scree but also plenty of exposure up ahead to keep us occupied.Mount Rae (L) and the Elbow River.Yep. There's some exposure!Views up along the south ridge.Kevin still seems to be having fun!Views back down the south ridge.We stayed right on the ridge the whole time. This resulted in a more difficult than moderate scramble, in my opinion. Slippage was not optional.Kev on the ridge.