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The Stewart Canyon hike is good, albeit with limited views down to the river. Apparently there is a decommissioned trail that runs a bit closer to the edge.This is where the Stewart Canyon trail is washed out by the drainage that we wish to ascend. I'm not sure if the trail continues past this point or not.The debris was fairly easy to navigate around considering how bad it could have been! I think the flood in 2013 flushed the creek out for the most part.I can only imagine what a hellish place this was in June of 2013! Fun to walk through now though!Bolted routes go up the walls on our left.Interesting terrain.Looking back down the drainage you can see that these bolted climbs aren't easy (on the right).Getting higher the drainage opens up again.It's surprising how much height we gained in the main creek bed - this is looking back.It's not all fun and games - there is more debris above the choke point / narrow canyon.Almost at the split now - notice the drainage going left just ahead, this is the one to take.Looking back at the others as we keep following the left branch of the drainage up. Unfortunately this was the branch with no water.Raf thought Mount Astley was that peak that's already far behind us. This is why he promised me a short / easy day out... ;)Finally above tree line and nearing the lovely alpine bowl, obviously this is looking back.Looking ahead at the alpine bowl and Mount Astley at the end of it.Steven worked his way up these cliff bands and then out of sight to the summit on upper right.