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Group photo (Kellly, Sonny, Dan and Vern) at the false summit - 2004.Vern and Sonny on the summit of Mount Cory - 2004.Looking down the very dry south ridge.There are short stretches of forest on the ridge.The outlier at upper left means I'm approaching the plateau.Mount Bourgeau is spectacular in the morning lighting.Sheep on the plateau don't mind me at all!Views west from the plateau towards the Castle Mountain massif.The false summit is a long way off yet.Lots of this. The gullies and terrain can get confusing to the false summit.Looking back towards Sulfur Mountain at left and Massive Range at right.Hitting more snow as I approach the upper mountain.A very distinctive wall of bubbled rock at right. False summit visible.Looking back over a small whaleback on the ridge.Looking west (L) and up to the false summit.Note the small rock whaleback ahead of me. When dry you can traverse under it, I went on top.Two people coming down from the false summit.Views to the false summit from the end of the small rock wall.Looking back at the tricky downclimb at the end of the small rock shoulder.Ascending steep snow to the false summit, looking back over the shoulder.