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A beautiful hike into the Stanley Mitchell Hut and a one day climb of 4 peaks in Yoho National Park. For more details see
Takakkaw Falls always impresses with it's power.Hanneke and I start up the Kiwetinok Pass trail to see some waterfalls.After hiking for 2.5 hours and sitting in the hut, Hanneke and I explored some gentler waterfalls.Carl and Cohen are on top of the moraine leading to the Secretary-Treasurer.Vern hiking the moraines beneath the Presidents.Carl and Cohen heading back down.Carl and Cohen heading back down.Bob heads up to Kiwetinok Pass, early Saturday morning.Saxifrage.Bob on the lower ascent slopes of Kiwetinok.Under thick cloud, Bob scrambles up through the rubble and cliff bands on Kiwetinok Peak.Vern on Kiwetinok Peak.Down climbing the SE face of Kiwetinok.Carnarvon looms to the south looking past Mount Kerr.All three summits of Mount Kerr are obvious in this picture. I've been on all of them. Some of them twice... ;-)Bob down climbs the crux on Mount Pollinger.Kiwetinok's SE face.Bob coming up Mount McArthur with Kiwetinok Peak looming behind him and dark clouds looming over everything.Vern on the summit of Mount McArthur.