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First views of Mount Fox from the Fox Creek approach trail.Our objective comes into view - the ascent ridge is above Harvey and slightly right of him.Mount Fox looms over Frozen Lake. The ascent ridge runs from the right side up to the left.Approaching the NE ridge.Harvey on the steeply grassed slopes beneath the start of the scrambling ridge.Accessing the NE ridge.Harvey is just visible starting up the NE ridge proper.Looking north off the ridge towards Kananaskis Lakes.The terrain gets more serious. You can not afford to slip here.Some detours are required to climber's left to avoid over hanging sections of ridge.Harvey tops out to a level section on the ridge with the Elk Pass region spread out beneath him.Harvey comes through the infamous pinnacles.Harvey completes an exposed move traversing out of the crux pinnacle.Looking over the crux to the Opal, Highwood and Elk Ranges.Looking north off the ridge towards Kananaskis Lakes.Frozen and Fox lakes from the loose scree slope before the summit.Looking north off the ridge over The Turret towards Kananaskis Lakes.On easy summit slopes now.Looking back along the summit ridge.