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KC comes up the headwall behind our camp at Carnarvon Lake.Clouds fill the valley beneath Carnarvon Lake but we're in brilliant sunshine after a night of tstorms.A gorgeous, clear and cool morning as we traverse around the lower slopes of Strachan towards Muir.An unexpected - but very cool - rock garden on our traverse.Find Kaycie for scale.Looking towards Muir SW2 as we cross the rock garden.The rock garden.Looking back at the ridge running from a false summit of Shankland from across the rock garden.Wildflowers form a natural carpet as we work our way towards Muir.The sun rises over Mount Strachan (L) as we start up the south slopes of Muir.Looking up at our scree ramp access to the false summit of Muir which is just out of sight at upper left here.The bottom part of the scree slope was certainly a grind - but we took our time and enjoyed the fresh morning air and views so it didn't bother us much.The scree became more blocky and firm higher up the slope. Muir SW2 in the background here.On the south ridge to the false summit, looking to the true summit at upper left and across to Mount Strachan which we scrambled the day before in perfect conditions.Strachan at left, Shankland at distant right in front of Courcelette.A great view to the true summit of Muir as we ascend the south ridge.Views west and north (R) from the false summit of Muir over Muir SW2 (L) and McPhail (R) with Weary Gap in between.The summit of Mount Muir from the false summit.