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I have to navigate through this valley on my way up Brett.Finally at valley bottom, looking back up my descent route off the west face.Looking up at the lower ridge of Brett from the valley between Brett and Pilot.Looking back at the descent route from Pilot - straight down the center gully after down climbing the crux on the left skyline summit ridge.Beautiful hiking terrain with fall colors coming out. I felt very alone back here, but that wasn't a terrible thing.I didn't clue in that the right hand slopes would be MUCH easier (especially on descent) than the knife-edge, jagged west ridge!Higher up on Brett's west ridge, looking over at Pilot.Again - how did I miss the easy terrain on the right?Curving towards the summit and on the ridge proper now, looking into my exit valley and Pilot Mountain.Looking back at the first semi-exposed down climb on the ridge.Lots of tricky, exposed scrambling to go!Looking back at another spicy section of ridge.Another section of ridge, almost at the summit now.Vern on the summit of Mount Brett, with his first peak of the day - Pilot Mountain - in the background.Looking down on the (tiny) Massive Mountain and down the Bow River Valley towards Banff.Looking along the north ridge of Brett, Ishbel on the left and Cory on the right.Looking down the valley between Pilot and Brett - Pilot on the right, Copper at center.Monarch, Haiduk, Pharaoh, Ball, Stanley, Storm, Temple, Copper, Castle, Pilot, Ishbel.Looking over Sunshine Meadows and Healy Pass towards The Monarch. Assiniboine at left.Assiniboine looms to the south. Black Brett just sneaks into the picture on the left.