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The long exposure makes 04:00 look like mid afternoon! Except for the stars...Already quite high, still using head lamps at this point but what a view looking back!Dawn breaks over the glacier and Yoho Peak behind us.Alan takes in the wonderful views.A steep roll on the glacier.Looking back over the des Poilus Glacier.Sunrise over Mount HectorSunrise over Mount HectorCollie, Hector, Balfour and Yoho (R to L) in early morning lighting.Steeper upper slopes.Much higher than Yoho Peak.Raf is enjoying himself!The steepest roll just before we were off snow and on rock to the summit.Higher than Arete (R) and way higher than Yoho (L).Alan comes up the rubble behind me.Alan comes up the rubble behind me.Loose boulders near the summit. Hungabee, Biddle and Stephen in the bg (L to R).The Presidents and McArthur at left, the Freshfield Icefield at right.Ayesha, Baker Collie, Rhondda, Thompson, Olive, Gordon, Hector and Balfour (L to R).Laussedat