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Sunrise view from our drive into the Rockies - this is from near Windy Gap between Hailstone Butte and Windy Peak on Hwy 532.The Oldman River Road.Beehive Mountain is seen from the parking area off the Oldman River Road.Phil descends to the Oldman River.The Oldman River is fairly unimpressive this late in the season - we should be up on the bank at right here where a trail leads to the Soda Creek Trail just ahead.Soda Creek is still running as we start up the good trail alongside it.Fairly quickly we start encountering nice alpine meadows surrounded by Spruce and Larch trees. Beehive looms above us here.In a few weeks these larches will be bright yellow.Nearing the GDT the meadows open up and catch fire.On the Great Divide Trail now, heading north for a few hundred meters before we'll turn up towards the north shoulder of Beehive to our left.Looking back you can see the Soda Creek trail coming in from the left to join the GDT at right.It was a gorgeous morning.Smoke can be seen coming down valley from the north in this view of our approach over the north shoulder (L) of Beehive. Peaks at center include Lyall and Gass - our next two objectives.There are lots of very impressive sheep trails in the area which you should definitely find and use - it's worth it!