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A one day, 3 peak outing in fantastic surroundings. Too bad about the thick forest fire smoke and the dust on the sensor! &
Mount Victoria and Lefroy in the morning light as I start my way around Lake Louise.Lake Agnes reflects the surrounding terrain perfectly.Mount Lefroy.Lake Agnes reflects the surrounding terrain perfectly.The curving cliffs to the St. Piran col as seen from ascending the waterfall / headwall.Looking up the lower waterfall ascent.After you do the waterfall climb you are faced with this view towards the col.Views back down the scree bowl.Views back from the scree bowl.Views back over the Beehive and Lake Agnes from the scree bowl.Views from the col towards Victoria (C) and Pope's Peak (R).Mount Whyte from the col.Mount Whyte, Victoria and Pope's Peak from the col.Pope's Peak.Vern on the summit with Lefroy in the bg.Mount Victoria.Narao Peak.