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Steven skis up the Moraine Lake road.Following the trail into Paradise Valley.Skiing Paradise Valley.A lovely ski along Paradise Creek into the valley beyond. Sheol and Haddo are on the left and Saddle to the right.Skiing Paradise Valley.Skiing Paradise Valley.Skiing Paradise Valley.The creek is a lovely background sound, with birds chirping and great views the ski into Lake Annette is long but pleasant at this time of year.We get nearer to the Lake Annette turnoff. Mount Temple looms thousands of feet above.The trail gains height to Lake Annette.The trail is trickier to ski near the lake since all the loose snow has been skied off the day before by descending skiers.Just before arriving at Lake Annette.Skiing along the Lake Annette shoreline.Lots of snow at the lake!Skiing along the Lake Annette shoreline.Skiing along the Lake Annette shoreline.