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Scramble Mount Norquay in Banff National Park. See for more information.
Jason heads up the easy ski hill ascent slope of Norquay.Looking back over Stoney Squaw Peak and the resort.JW approaches the top of the ski run.Looking back down on a gaggle of locals.The lower crux wall is the wet cliff just ahead of JW. The upper wet spot is where you start losing holds.Looking down the ascent gully at the upper chair lift station.A cave.Note the tracks in the scree.JW heads up the eastern summit block on Norquay.Views towards the true summit from the false one.Looking north to Mount Brewster.Cascade Mountain.But this isn't the main summit! We moved the register to the west (i.e. highest) summit.Traversing towards the main summit.Traversing towards the main summit.Mount Rundle.