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A surprising view of Willingdon's summit from the south ridge.Looking towards Recondite and Augusta with thinning cloud cover.Descending to the Crown / Willingdon col.The unexpected tarn between Willingdon and Crown. Willingdon on the left here.Traversing from the col up Crown Peak.Heading up fresh snow / scree on Crown Peak. There was some route finding involved in keeping things moderate scrambling.On the summit ridge of Crown Peak.Willingdon from near Crown Peak's summit.Approaching Crown Peak with Devon Lakes and Willingdon taking the foreground.Mount Harris is a near-11000er.Willingdon, Augusta, Recondite and Harris with Crown at right.Eric comes up to the summit of Crown with Willingdon behind.Looking over the Siffleur River Valley and Devon Lakes. Upland Lake is the darker one under Devon.Willingdon, Augusta, Recondite and Harris with Willingdon South at right.Summit Register.Summit Register.Summit Register.Summit Register.Summit Register.Summit Register.