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Sublime views of Peyto Peak over Caldron Lake as we traverse from Mistaya (oos on the right) towards Caldron Peak.Looking back at the access gully we used to access Mistaya Mountain (OOS on the upper right).Looking across Delta Creek to Mount Weed across hwy 93.Looking across a small tarn towards Caldron's easy-but-long scree slog to the summit.Raf descends (!!) towards Caldron with Patterson in the background.Finally at the bottom of the ascent slope - we roughly followed the line between light slabs and dark scree to the summit.Looking back at Mistaya you can see it's a giant mountain.Mount Hector.Patterson on the left, Noyes, Weed, Observation and Peyto Lake in the middle.Raf with Observation rising across hwy 93 opposite our peak.A great shot of Raf with Peyto Lake far below.The Murchison GroupRaf on the exposed summit.Great views to Jimmy Simpson over Peyto Lake.Views across hwy 93 to Noyes, Weed and Quill.Looking north from the summit with Patterson on the left and Weed and Quill on the right.Observation Peak across Peyto Lake and the Icefields Parkway.Raf and Vern on the summit of Caldron Peak.Old summit register.Views towards the Wapta Icefield over Caldron Lake include (L to R), Thompson, Olive, Gordon, Rhondda, Habel, Peyto, Ayesha, Baker and Trapper.