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Kev approaches the summit of Mount Assiniboine.Vern and Kev on the summit of Mount Assiniboine.Kev on the summit of Lunette Peak.Back at our packs after descending the summit block on Lunette, Kev adjusts his boots for the long and painful descent still ahead of us.Phil can't believe he's finally sneaking a peak down the Roaring Creek Valley.Phil enjoying himself at the false summit.Kev at the summit of Mount Habel.Kev at the summit of Mount Habel.A summit rainbow!!Enjoying the summit, from L to R, Steven, Mike, Wietse and Andrea.Spencer, Raf and Brandon.WOW! It's been forever since I saw this dude! Sonny Bou on snow sticks!A large group meets below the south ridge - many of us for the first time.Megs and TJ on the summit of Mount Hector.Vern finally stands on the summit of Mount Hector.So is still the man!Ali finds a myriad of peaks that we can identify from Ishbel's summit.So (IS THE MAN!)Ali