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My truck sits at the Onnie Lake trailhead.A selfie before heading back out into the wild.All right - here goes! Starting my solo trip on the boardwalk from Suffel Lake Road to Onnie Lake.Back at Onnie Lake, canoe is stored and ready for storms.Looking out at the gloomy sky from the Onnie Lake camp.Survivor man on Onnie Lake.Storm after storm hammers my island.A calm evening.Trying to dry gear as the sun starts to set on Onnie Lake.Sunset on my tent, tucked in the forest.Sunset on Onnie Lake.Sunset on Onnie Lake.A cozy fire.A cozy fire.Sunday morning. This feels familiar!Storms blow through camp again on Sunday.A nice alternate fire pit area on the Onnie Lake deluxe campsite.The moon rises over my fire on Sunday night on Onnie Lake.