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Finally up the first hill from the Sunshine Village and looking over the expansive Sunshine Meadows.Looking back towards the resort as I start my trek.Looking across the meadows. The route eventually climbs the shoulder directly above the foreground trail that comes off of Quartz Hill which is buried in clouds at right.Brilliant fall colors as I work my way towards the Quartz Hill shoulder.I was sweating already, early in the day. It was also raining on me intermittently as you can see from the water drops on the lens.The clouds rolled in and out as I crossed the meadows. This is looking back towards the ski resort which is now pretty much out of sight.Sublime views over Howard Douglas Lake towards Citadel Peak. The pass is just left of the peak with Fatigue Mountain hidden in clouds to the left of that.At Citadel Pass with Citadel Peak rising above.