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The Mosquito Creek trail is wide and well used but it's pleasurable enough on a cool summer morning.Some LOTR scenery on the trail near the Mosquito Creek campground.Starting to gain height to the alpine meadows after the Mosquito Creek campground.Although the flowers were mostly past their prime (i.e. dead), the scenery to the Molar Meadows is never disappointing.The Fang (R) comes into view with the ridge and Molarstone at left.The Fang looks pretty darn cool from the Molar Meadows.The Fang looks pretty darn cool from the Molar Meadows.This hike will leave you satisfied pretty much no matter what the conditions - it's one of my favorite alpine meadow hikes in the Rockies.The unnamed lake in the meadows isn't as pretty as some others along the parkway, but the ambiance is hard to beat.The moonscape just beneath North Molar Pass.Ptarmigan are surprisingly beautiful.The hike to NMP is well worth the views all on its own. Looking back down our approach with Noseeum at left and Dolomite at center distance.Looking along the ridge to the summit of The Fang as we approach NMP. As you can see - it's pretty straightforward.A Billy Goat near the pass.The 2nd toughest terrain is right up the nose of the ridge from the pass. This section can be bypassed on climber's left here on scree, but if you don't like this easy scrambling terrain you won't makSpot Hann (green coat) and the other three scramblers heading up Molarstone behind me as I scramble the nose of the ridge towards The Fang.Looking up the nose of the ridge - easy / moderate scrambling - and fun.Looking ahead to the delightful ridge scramble. The pinnacle visible at center with The Fang obvious to its right.The pinnacle is pretty darn cool - the summit at right here.It's hard to get a sense of scale without a person in the shot - it's at least 50 feet tall.