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This is what Tangle Ridge looks like from about 1km up the road towards the Icefields Center at a tourist stop.Getting ready at the car.Not much of the ice climbs left.An outlier of K2.The NW end of Mount Wilcox.We started to worry as the amount of snow increased and became softer and more isothermal. At least the views were improving!Wicked views back to Wilcox (L) and K2 at right of center.These cliffs break the monotony of the lower mountain and show the upper bowl.Views back over Wilcox Pass towards Nigel and Wilcox.Jeff stopped for a break along the cliff band. He had a nice view from there.Views back towards Andromeda, K2 and Wilcox.This is one giant isothermal snow slope.A south-facing panorama from about halfway up the big snow slope. You can see the upper bowl on the left and Wilcox Pass and Nigel Meadows in the distance at center.The giant south slope of Tangle Ridge.Finally I can spot the radio tower through a break in the clouds.Jeff is still behind me as we get closer to the top and enter the clouds and wind.Jeff and Vern on the summit of Tangle Ridge.Views towards Sunwapta from the summit of Tangle Ridge.