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A young grizzly crosses the road at the junction of highway 40 and Kananaskis trail.Passing a very low tarn along Warspite Creek (Warspite Lake) and nervous that the low clouds might not burn off for our summit.Lovely hiking through lower meadows.As we get higher we start hiking above the low cloud. This is looking back at a local outlier.The morning clouds have completely burned off now as we enter the upper bowl under Warspite, which is directly ahead of us here.Wietse and Scott grunt up the horrible scree on the way to the Warspite / Black Prince col.Sublime views north from the col, over our approach route from lower right and towards Black Prince on the left.Even more sublime views wait to the south over Invincible Lake and Hermione Ridge.Wietse grunts his way up to the col.Great views of the Royal Group including King George, Prince Albert and Prince Henry (L to R).Mount Sir Douglas rises above the Haig Glacier with Monro on the left and Jellico on the right.Vern on the summit of Mount Warspite.Indefatigable, Fox,The Turret, Rawson Ridge, Sarrail, Marlborough, Joffre, Lyautey and Hermione in the distance, L to R.Invincible Lake with Nomad to the left and Marlborough, Joffre and Lyautey rising impressively above in the bg.