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The only official trail markers are for the short hike to White Goat Falls along the creek.There were quite a few unexpected muddy sections along the first part of the OHV track from streams running onto the trail without proper drainage.Mostly the OHV trail is very pleasant hiking.The trail plunges down towards Whitegoat Creek. Bright Star visible now in the distance, Stelfox at left.The OHV track runs through and around the creek, impressively avoiding major debris fields from the 2013 floods.A section of creek showing the flood debris / damage.Enjoying the creek thrash.Yet another crossing of the creek.The hiking route is also flagged and marked for the most part, making it fairly easy to find these crossings if you look around a bit.Back on the east side of the creek where the OHV trail is wide and obvious and marked with a million bright ribbons and signs.Back out of the creek bed and on the OHV trail. Note the hill up ahead? This is a common theme here.The single track trail runs off the OHV trail towards Whitegoat Pass. This is near the 2nd camp site.In the dry, rocky drainage now - we only spent a brief amount of time in it. The trail is at left.Leaving the main drainage coming down from Bright Star and thrashing our way into the smaller drainage coming down from Whitegoat Pass.Heading back south to Stelfox now, in a nice open valley section. Resist the temptation to head up here as you will run into cliffs.Looking back down our approach towards part of the Vision Quest Ridge.Again - believe it or not but we're on a very obvious trail here!! There are 2 or 3 sections of low bushes that would make for great bear-hiding terrain.Now we're finally getting close to the ascent slopes. The NW ridge and gully are to the left here, while Bright Star is to the right.On the sheep track now, headed up the toe of the NW ridge. For the difficult ridge scramble you'd head up to the left here, following the ridge to the summit.And there you go! The obvious NW scree gully up Mount Stelfox! The summit is not visible here yet.