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Wietse faces off with some big machinery on the ski-out.Nearing the Goat's Eye area.Past the Goat's Eye, looking back at Eagle Mountain.A nice sunrise as we skin up under the gondola. Taking the ski-out instead of the gondola adds ~500 vertical meters and 8km to the day.The first rays of sunlight on our faces help dull the sting of a -20 windchill!Our first glimpse of Quartz Ridge (R) and Hill (C) with Mount Assiniboine just peaking up to the left of the hill.A brilliant morning ski across the always lovely Sunshine Meadows. Quartz at center left.Wietse skis under the Monarch (R).Hard to ask for a better day in December. We head for a shallow draw on the approach to Quartz.In the shallow draw, heading towards a still distant Quartz Ridge.At the north end of the ridge now, on its east side with Quartz Hill just right of the sun in the distance.Starting up the ridge, looking over at Quartz Hill at upper right - still a ways off.Wietse follows my skin track up the NE end of Quartz Ridge with Twin Cairns behind him at center, The Monarch just visible at left and Bourgeau at distant right.