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Crossing a pretty fast-flowing outlet stream from the Alexandra Glacier that becomes South Rice Brook. These logs were very treacherous!We have to go up there somewhere.Ben is ready to start the scramble to the crux.Views back over our bivy - Whiterose at left.Steven on the grippy scramble beside the stream.On ascent we pretty much went straight up and didn't bother with trails or cairns.The lower cliffs aren't difficult, but they're exposed enough to urge some caution. Slippery when wet!Rice Brook Peak rises at right.Grinding up the scree pile above the lower cliffs.Looking down from our perch on the scree cone.Ben tackles the terrain around the 5.2 crux. It didn't feel like 5.2 on ascent but we were glad for a rappel on the way back.L to R, Rose Petal, Whirlwind, Osprey, Fried Rice and on the upper right is the unofficial Rice Brook Peak.Traversing Coral Peak with great views.Traversing the trail on fresh snow. Whiterose still in cloud.First glimpses of Alexandra (L).From the traverse we dropped down almost 100 meters to the glacier which we ascended from the left side and then over and around a myriad of crevasses.Lots of holes to avoid as we start up the glacier. Our approach valley at right.The West Alexandra Glacier.Steven on the glacier.The West Alexandra Glacier.