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Views over the lovely upper Skoki Valley replete with larches.Incredible larch scenery on the Wonder Pass Trail.Dramatic NE cliffs on Wonder Peak.Dramatic NE cliffs on Wonder Peak.Traversing back to Ely's Dome from the east outlier.Traversing back from Gibraltar Rock to Mount Cautley.Hiking the Valley of the Rocks Trail to Og Lake.Descending the easy south face of Nasswald.Wietse returns to the south face via the exposed SE summit ridge.Hiking the Sunshine Meadows to Howard Douglas Lake.Hiking from the NW drainage of Lonely back to McDonald Creek.Hiking down Aurora Creek in late afternoon lighting.Ascending through scenic boulder fields up the headwall under Marvel Pass.Smokey views along the ridge.Views back down the south ridge.Scrambling up the summit block on Mount Dungarvon.Exiting the west face - this shows the angle and type of terrain to the summit ridge.Wading along Wigmore Lake - filled to the brim thanks to beavers.Lovely alpine valley hiking as we near the pass south of Wigmore Lake.Exiting on trail down French Creek.