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Hiking down Aurora Creek in late afternoon lighting.Ascending through scenic boulder fields up the headwall under Marvel Pass.Smokey views along the ridge.Views back down the south ridge.Scrambling up the summit block on Mount Dungarvon.Exiting the west face - this shows the angle and type of terrain to the summit ridge.Wading along Wigmore Lake - filled to the brim thanks to beavers.Lovely alpine valley hiking as we near the pass south of Wigmore Lake.Exiting on trail down French Creek.Descending the exposed, slabby west face of Prairie Lookout.Grant traverses some exposed slabs with wicked views behind him.Views back down the summit ridge to Smith Dorrien (L), Jellicoe and French (R).Grant on the slabby, exposed west face of Prairie Lookout.Traversing Deep Lake to the south ascent gully.Following a good trail up the treed ridge to Deep Lake.Car camping at the Middle Fork Trailhead.A lovely hike back along Upper Kananaskis Lake.Crossing the Siffleur River valley back to the Quartzite Col. On an animal path here.Phil enjoys a cup of tea at one of the nicest mornings we've had in Banff.Camp.