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We're warming up now that the sun is out!Breakfast on ice. Always a bit of a bitch. ;)Approaching the descent to the lower glacier.At first we stuck to the ice, but soon we detoured right and just bashed down the scree which was easier, safer and faster.The gravel was typical loose glacier till, but it was quick to descend.Trying not fall in a 'schrund.Looking back at our tracks along the bench - you can see the 'schrund that we eventually had to cross.Immediately upon bailing the bench we had to deal with some huge, open crevasses. Thankfully these were easy to avoid.Warren finally comes into view as we start crossing the lower Brazeau Icefield towards it.The glacier was quite beautiful when we weren't cursing all the holes!The glacier was quite beautiful when we weren't cursing all the holes!We went a little far east and had to work our way across some problematic slots before finally reaching the rocky slope just in front of us here to the right of Ben.I'm blown away every time I set foot on glaciers and spot 'rivers' of debris like this.Ben makes his way up scree towards the glacial bench on Warren.Near the top of the scree access to the glacial bench with Mount Warren looming above us.Ben starts up the glacial bench.Gorgeous views of the north face of Mount Brazeau - looking very fierce in these dry, icy conditions.Ben works towards the left side of the east face, to grant us access to the east ridge as soon as possible.