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Deep frost surrounds us as we arrive at the bottom of Boulder Pass. Redoubt Mountain looms over us here.Looking into the Hidden Lake bowl between Richardson (L) and Ptarmigan (R).Mount Temple looms over Boulder Pass.Looking back at the larch display under Boulder Pass - Mount Temple at distant left.I always wonder where this pass gets its name from.Mount Douglas and St. Bride reflect in Ptarmigan Lake.Paradise awaits!! We arrive at Ptarmigan Lake to brilliant sunshine and dead air.It's been over a dozen years since I saw Ptarmigan Lake looking remotely like this, with Lychnis (R), Mount St. Bride (C) and Mount Douglas (L) reflecting in it.I love this impressive view of Redoubt Mountain from the trail around Ptarmigan Lake.Heather Ridge behind us as we ascend Deception Pass.Looking back at Redoubt Mountain rising over Ptarmigan Lake and surrounded by a golden landscape.From Deception Pass we get a look at our destination summits rising impressively at center right (Cyclone) and right (Pipestone).Mount Willingdon shows up in the distance, left of center.Glancing over towards Skoki Lakes (our return route), we can see that many of the larches have lost their shine in that area.The larches on our trail are still very bright despite the hard frost on the shaded path. Skoki Mountain rises in front of us here.