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Gorgeous early morning light on the Lake Louise peaks, including Mount Temple, seen from the first steep section on the Lake Louise ski-out.Mike skis up the final icy, wind blown section before Boulder Pass.A view back down our approach from near the pass.The pass itself is a rather dreary and windswept place.Mike starts breaking trail on Ptarmigan Lake. Packer's Pass Peak and Fossil on the left.Crossing Redoubt Lake with our object in the far distance just left of center. Redoubt looms over us on our right.Our three route choices at the end of Redoubt Lake.The trail breaking was tedious, but the scenery was breath taking - as usual for Skoki!Breaking trail towards the bench, which is hard to see here. Unity's east ridge is visible left of Mike.Sadly, we still had to drop down once we traversed the nose of the ridge, but at least we could trend down gently, providing a nice return skin track.Finally we bottom out in the larch valley to the north of Unity, which still looks rather distant at top right!Mike follows me up the east ridge of Unity Peak.Looking back down our ascent gully on the lower part of the east ridge. Note the ridge running from left to the right on the left side of the photoMike skis up onto the east ridge of Unity.Stunning views off the east ridge include Bulwark, Pulsatilla and Avens (R to L).We skied up the east ridge until the snow was concrete and boot packed from there.We were planning to ski up this section but it was so hard we needed ski crampons, which neither of us brought along.Looking south and east off the ridge towards the Protection Mountain massif and Baker Creek valley.Mike breaks trail.