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Off the bikes and crossing the swamp towards Commonwealth.Looking across the marsh at Birdwood, Pig's Tail and Commonwealth (L to R).Starting up on climber's left of the outlet stream. The more left you go, the easier the bushwhacking.Approaching tree line as we head for the Pig's Tail / Commonwealth col.Using thin lines of snow helped us immensely on the lower part of the scramble.Using thin lines of snow helped us immensely on the lower part of the scramble.Stunning views looking back over the marshlands towards the Haig / Robertson ice fields.One of my favorite shots from this trip, looking up the Robertson Glacier with Robertson on the left and Sir Douglas on the right.Slogging up to the col.Keith kicks steps up to the Pig's Tail / Commonwealth col.More stunning views from the col towards the Haig Icefield.We went up here a little ways and then turned climber's left to gain the high col just below the summit ridge.The view back over Pig's Tail / Commonwealth col includes Smuts (L) Smutwood and Assiniboine in the distance.This is the difficult route.Some exposure and loose scree before turning climber's left up a steep scree gully.Looking back towards Pig's Tail.More exposure off the scramble, looking over South Burstall Pass at far center right.Another glance back over Smutwood towards Assiniboine.Keith grovels up the steep scree gully before the crux.