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Passing Oyster (oos on the left) and heading for what we assumed was Tilted at foreground left. We realized soon that Tilted is at center distance.Looking back along the impressive Oyster Peak which I scrambled as part of a 72 hour peak binge in early September of 2005.Staring down the Baker Creek drainage and the Back Creek Trail with Tilted and Lychnis at left and Brachiopod and Anthozoan at right.On the Baker Creek Trail heading towards Pulsatilla Pass and the Wildflower Campground with Tilted Mountain and Mount Lychnis at left.Will this day ever END?! Ascending a small headwall under the unnamed lake. Tilted Mountain looms above us out of sight to the right here.Finally at the lake, but now we have to rock hop to the far NE end to set up our bivy.Finishing up our rock hop and looking for a good bivy spot which we found just to the right here. The sun is trying to shine through the smoke.Looking up my line early on Friday morning after rounding the NW cliffs above camp.You can see how horribly loose this mountain is as well as the amount of slabby terrain that you can get lost on.Looking down my ascent line - it's not exactly "easy" scrambling terrain.Looking towards Skoki Mountain at center distance with Fossil at left and an unnamed summit at right. No views today, unfortunately.Riding the line between scree and slab, looking down my ascent.Looking along the hidden scree sidewalk feature towards the summit of Tilted Mountain.Looking back along the scree sidewalk - I can't believe how lucky this feature was! Baker Lake visible at distant left.My sidewalk vanishes, only to reappear about 15 feet beneath me to the left.It's a smokey, gray, depressing summit panorama but it's all I could do... Summits "visible" include Anthozoan, Brachiopod, Ptarmigan, Fossil, Skoki and Lychnis (L to R).