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Starting up the trail on a windless, warm day with Table rising on the left.A lovely day to be hiking solo.Looking back from the lower approach trail along Table Creek.You should stick to climber's left of the gully before crossing above the upper grey cliff band on an obvious break.Looking up the ascent gully.Beaver Mines Lake is just visible off the easy ascent slope.Just above the cliff band in the gully (probably a waterfall in the spring) you encounter this terrain.Bypassing the red cliff band to climber's left. This is the view to Crowsnest Mountain.Impressive view to the south towards Gladstone and Castle Peak.Castle Peak.Looking north over Beaver Mines Lake to Carbondale Hill with Mount Backus on the right.Looking towards Turtle Mountain and Center Peak.Looking forward to the summit of Table Mountain - further than it looks!Wading through these trees was a bit of a pain - note the obvious trail looking back here.I love the shape of the long summit ridge on Table Mountain. The views south don't hurt either.Vern on the summit of Table Mountain.