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I got a nice sunrise along hwy 93 on the long drive from Calgary to Robson along hwy 93.Mount Robson looms over the visitor center.Views already as I leave the parking lot and cross the Robson River.BC forests are so much more lush than AB ones!Brilliant green and some yellow fall colors as a gentle mist / rain falls in the forest.MushroomAn impressive stand of cedar trees can grow on the south side of Robson thanks to it's ability to generate rainfallKinney Lake with a gentle rain breaking its surface.Signs of fall alongside Kinney Lake.The issue with the shelters at Kinney Lake and Whitehorn is that they have no wind protection whatsoever - an oversight IMHO.Too many yellow signs, or too many dumb hikers? Your choice.Amazing scenery across Kinney Lake.The trail after the Kinney Lake CG is narrower and steep.