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We start our day by hiking up this road, through private property that we had permission to cross.Morning sunrise and Grassy Mountain - this will be the site of a massive open pit coal mine if Riversdale Resources can get the necessary permissions.Looking southwest towards the Flathead Range including Coulthard, Ptolemy, Andy Good, McLaren and Parrish.On the very well-built road leading alongside Caudron Creek (L) towards Caudron Peak which rises impressively in the distance. Centre Peak is out of sight to the left here.A moose skull.Part of Centre's ridge above Phil in the distance, Caudron rises almost out of sight at right. We would descend slopes to the right at the end of the day.Hiking through a very open and friendly forest at valley bottom.In the rocky creek bed. Brandon's approach ridge at upper left and leading to Centre's west ridge at center and upper right.Caudron Creek reminds me of Jura Creek here - this is looking down as we start escaping the creek to the south ridge of Centre.Traversing to the scree bowl that grants access to the south ridge of Centre (out of sight at right). This is looking south across Caudron Creek to Caudron Peak at upper left.We got lucky by avoiding any difficult terrain either above or below us as we traversed back to the west (L) before finding the scree slope leading up to the south ridge.Finally in warm sunshine and on the scree slope to the south ridge.Caudron at upper left and our access route up Caudron Creek visible in shadow below at lower right underneath Brandon's approach ridge.On the south ridge proper, looking ahead to the summit at center distance.Easy scrambling on the south ridge.Looking off the south ridge over Brandon's approach ridge and Caudron Creek at lower left. Crowsnest Mountain in the distance.