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Settler's Road was in amazing shape. The forest fires burning in the distance ahead are a bit concerning though!Fires burn along Settlers Road.Ready for another adventure in the bush?! Why not...Crossing the deep and fast Palliser River au Chavel on a bouncy log.Eric finishes the traverse - it looks much easier than it feels when you're half way across.We found a rough trail cutting along the side of a clearcut.The clear cut - there are ribbons but not in the clear cut itself. Just head north.The first section of trail towards Fynn Creek from the clearcut was obvious and debris-free.Trail? Really?This is what a flood does to a back country creek with trees growing on its bank. I think there used to be a trail in there somewhere!I find that the key to 'enjoying' sections of tough travel in the bush is to lower my expectations. Slow down and just accept the fact that you're in the "suck".Quite lovely country, but all this humping alpine packs up and down washouts did get old after a while. Remember - we're also soaked from head to toeFynn Creek.Getting soaked from head to toe despite no rain thanks to all the shrubbery.Ribbons got us through to the top of the headwall. Without them we'd still be there thrashing around somewhere!A bit of a trail goes a long way mentally, even if it's pretty much overgrown.Our first real views - Joffre on the left. Note how dark it's getting?The trail is much more distinct up near the top of the headwall thanks to more scree and less tree.Traversing near the top of the headwall section.