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Looking back at my access trail - 5 minutes from the parking lot.As I gained height in the gully I could start seeing the north ridge. I accessed it by contouring climber's rightLooking back from the ascent. Mount Rae prominent right of center.On the ridge now, looking towards the summit.Looking southeast off the ridge towards Storm Mountain.Looking towards Mount Rae on the left and Little / Main Arethusa on the right.It's a wintry day!Zoomed in shot looking north down Hwy 40. Gap Peak to the left.The wind made it a bit cool.Storm, Mist and Lipsett (l to r) from the ridge.Summit cairn looking west to Grizzly Ridge and Tyrwhitt.Pocaterra (l) looming over Pocaterra Ridge (r).Windy view south to Mist and Lipsett.ArethusaStorm MountainMist (left) and Lipsett (right). Lipsett is tiny!Storelk was a nice after work objective.Looking down Highwood Ridge (left) and Grizzly Ridge (right).Looking straight down Highwood Ridge to the south.