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Hiking along the ATV road above Isolation Creek on our approach to Isola.The first hour or so is this. Easy enough hiking in open forest.In the trees, out of the wind it was very warm already in the morning. Geoff is in t-shirt and shorts!The signature dark rocks of the area as we approach the summit in strong, cool winds. Don't be fooled by Geoff's shorts - it's pretty chilly. :)At the summit now, Monola at far left, Monad at center. Click to view our approximate traverse route towards Monad.Excellent panorama from the summit from Monad on the left to Pasque, Plateau, Sentinel and Hailstone Butte (L to R).Sentinel at center with Plateau at left and part of Hailstone Butte at right.A scenic ridge to the northwest of Isola with Etherington in the distance.Looking over the north ridge of Monad towards Mount Lyall (L) and Gass (R).Looking over the pass between Monola (L) and Monad (R) towards Cyclamen Ridge in the foreground and The Elevators and Beehive Mountain in the distance."Monola" might be an unofficial peak, but it deserves to be named.Mount Livingstone (L) and Coffin (Speke) Mountain (R) lie to the southeast.Wietse and I completed a traverse from Hailstone Butte (C) to Sentinel Peak (L) back in 2007 on a very windy day in March.Looking up the west ridge at Geoff starting the descent.Gorgeous views down the west ridge looking at our traverse route towards Monad Peak.A few low cliff bands on the west ridge are rather toothless and easy scrambling.Lisa enjoys the warm and easy hike down to tree line while Geoff goes for a run in the distance.Geoff strikes a mountain warrior pose with the north ridge of Monad in the background.Lisa and Geoff enjoying this gorgeous fall day in the dry ranges.