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Starting the rock hopping along Consolation Lakes.Bident (L) and Quadra are impressive looking peaks.Looking back at Kev and the last Consolation Lake.JW with Panorama Ridge behind him.Making our way to the distant col (L).Looking back across Consolation lakes towards Mount Temple.Alpine meadows beneath the col.Ascending steep snow and horrid scree to the Bident Col.Ascending steep snow and horrid scree to the Bident Col.At our bivy on the east ridge of Bident Mountain.Views towards Boom Mountain from our bivy.An incredible sunrise from our bivy.Mount Bell (R).Looking up at Kev's bivy spot and Bident rising above us.An amazing sunrise from our bivy.My bivy - note the rocks to keep me from going over a cliff!This is the view from our bivy looking over the edge of the cliff.Our bivy.A gloomy start to our day.The terrain we ascended up the manky NE ridge of Bident.