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Lovely shot off the main road on the north side of the Oldman River (at lower left).Looking back along the approach 'road' from just past the gate with the yellow sign. The road deteriorates greatly from this point.The first few kilometers were lovely and easy hiking, including a frozen crossing of Camp Creek.Looking for an easy / frozen crossing of Camp Creek. We found one just ahead of Wietse here.Easy hiking - very pleasant! At this point we assumed snow wasn't going to be an issue for us.Some minor height gains / loss as we approach the ridge.This large rock is a great landmark to know you're on the right ridge (above us here). Thunder Mountain is snow covered to the left.Looking back from the lower part of Camp Creek Ridge - notice the rock from the last photo at lower right.Telephoto of Center Peak - the highest in the Livingstone Range.Wietse heads up the south end of Camp Ridge - the south end of Livingstone Ridge in the bg and Crowsnest Mountain visible at far left.The ridges in this area all have very interesting rock features on their west sides which make for great scenery.Thunder Mountain rises over the Oldman River to the south.Great views north along Camp Creek Ridge - it's much further than it looks to the summit. Livingstone Ridge and Thrift Peak at left.Another great view down south over the Oldman River towards Thunder Mountain.Note the sheep trails that avoid all the bumps on the ridge! We weren't that smart... ;) This is looking back along the ridge.From the col with the descent ridge (oos to the right), looking up at the summit of Camp Ridge. Again - it looks much closer than it is.Wietse comes up Camp Ridge behind me - we are now at the col with the descent ridge.Looking down at the Thrift Peak col and across at Thrift Peak - the lookout just visible at upper left. We thought we'd made it at this point.Wietse crossing an avy gully in waist deep, crappy, unconsolidated snow.FINALLY over the ridge and on the fire road and supportive snow again! Heading south to find the summit now.